African American Art

Kara Walker

Since the antebellum era, African American artists have sought to express their broad and complicated experience through a variety of subjects, forms, and media. Though many artists consider the history of oppression or the meaning of freedom, they have also challenged the white-dominated values of art history, including the restraints and implications of the very label African American Art.


Faking Shakespeare

3d试机号近3o期列表Forging Shakespeare to Impress His Dad

3d试机号近3o期列表William-Henry Ireland's father thought he was dull, uninspired, and talentless. So William-Henry began a project that would lead to national excitement, a riot, and with any luck, the love and adoration of his father. He forged an “undiscovered” new play by William Shakespeare—and it actually premiered on a London stage.

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Travel back to a time when when doing laundry was a multi-day task, the United States did not exist, and electricity was a new discovery. Digitized for our valued subscribers, we’ve curated some of the best of the original 2,500 pages, with articles and engravings.

Dinosaurs You Should Know

dinosaur quiz

3d试机号近3o期列表Dinosaurs: Fact or Fiction

"Thunder Lizards"

These extinct reptiles are a source of fascination for young and old. Explore six of the more than 1,000 known species of dinosaur.

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